We all need business to run life, however, we overlook that we all  need life to maintain  a business.

In the light of fame, we progress toward becoming what we guaranteed not to be. Overlooking the limits our religions have drawn for us, we go out supporting insignificant and non-existent causes and we promote the things that ought to be kept private, the things that bring forth hate and loss.

I remember how insanely I loved the humor posts and articles which developed my comical inclination from a boring chick to a humorist.

No, the posts and articles didn’t have a place with my Facebook Feed, it was this online media organization who made a hype from the beginning of their own online business contributed by Government of Pakistan.

Pakistan; a country which stood up to divide the Sub-Continent into two halves because the rituals of Paki people were different from Indian people and they couldn’t afford to live together due to religious differences.

I read an article from this media organization which drove me to pen this down. I like humor, not vulgarity, ideally, everybody does. However, I scrolled down and proceeded with my social time.

The consistency in the indecent articles of them made me make a move against it.

What would it be advisable for me to do? Would it be advisable for me to go and execute them? No! People will call me an extremist. All things considered, would it be advisable for me to shut their site down? Umm, am I expected? Isn’t it someone  else’s business to do? People might call me a fixie. What’s more, I LET GO! Much the same as the way we let go the terror attacks, corruption and kidnapping.

You see terrible? Try not to give it a chance to happen. In the event that you don’t have the energy to stop that with hands then talk it. If speaking isn’t what you’re good at, at least think terrible about it. In any case, we let go, once more. Indeed, even on the things that we can stop all in all.

We proceed onward with life as though everything’s alright or will be alright.

There’s no messiah for us, went to bat for things that you know are awful and hostile. I’m certain, a large number of you definitely know which online media organization I’m discussing. Also, if you feel the same way about it, how about we change it or complain it?

In the present time, we overlook everything, good or bad, unlawful or lawful, for the sake of wealth and fame.

Life’s a business, the acts we opt today are the investment to our life after death. That’s business. The most important one.

Plus, sorry for dragging history into this, I never forget the maazi.



  1. Which media group are you talking about? I mean if it’s an online organisation it can’t possibly be the one that I had in mind which even broadcasts on TV, popular for their heavily biased stance towards everything we have ever believed.


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