ISSRC: Something to be Noted!



Are you endeavoring hard to have any kind of betterment in the society? Do you need acknowledgment and reward for taking an interest for the betterment of the society? It’s a gratifying moment for you.

ISSRC is established to energize you!

The basic brick that stands a nation is the youth of the nation.

It’s not tied in with succeeding, it’s tied in with trying, so join hands with us and let us give you the reward that you deserve. 

What is ISSRC?

ISSRC; International Student Social Responsibility Conference is one of the leading Pakistan based platforms that encourages young talent all around the globe.

It is set up to illuminate positivity in our society which has been covered under the fear assaults and social issues for a considerable length of time.

Having no uncertainty, the youth has bewildering gifts and bravery to change EVERYTHING!

ISSRC – platform for Youth

There are a large number of students who keep solid aims to have any kind of positive effect in the society. There are a huge number of imaginative individuals with no stage to grandstand their inventive personalities.

ISSRC offers you to come and convey your thoughts to a group of people of your type and win awards for your struggle.



It is a platform for networking, innovating and awareness. ISSRC is based on the key concept of spreading awareness of responsibility and awarding the deserving skillful students.

The award-winning students are recognized all over the world. Therefore, this conference invites the students with creative ideas and young entrepreneurs.

ISSRC is fun!

No, it’s not just a conference. It’s significantly more than that!

The conference is efficiently composed of entertaining as well as learning activities that will make you say ONCE MORE!

The conference will make you leave your usual range of familiarity and interact with others. It will invigorate your mind with some astounding performances. Above all, you’ll not be permitted to leave empty-handed!

Was it sounding a little boring at first? It ain’t no boring at all!

Don’t miss this out and rush into it ASAP! Because it comes once a year.

Details and Inquiries:



Happy Conference!




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