Lahore Lahore Hai!

The affiliation between the city Lahore and its people has always been so clumsy. At times, they hate the city and the other times, they feel proud being a part of this magnificent city; Lahore. They waste all those hours discussing corrupt politicians, criticizing the government, cursing WAPDA, saying offensive things about the education system and managing life circle with high expenses and low-income – they entirely hate being in  Lahore!         

Meanwhile, they realize the value of their hometown when they go abroad. They miss each and everything of it. From mithai walay chowk’s sweets to the shops in Mall of Lahore. From the flyovers to the rickshaws running in town and of course meeting and greeting the relatives we never even heard about e.g. phupo keh shohar keh bhai ka beta and mamu ki saali ki dost. It is a fact, what they assume weird and embarrassing are the things they miss the most when they go abroad.

Lahoris are the perfect example of courage one would ever have. When it comes to patriotism and unjust, they stand united to protest against it, despite the blood sucking hot weather. They are brave enough to wipe their tears and raise voice for justice after the APS attack that killed a number of peace bringer and the support of many families. Yet, they never stopped sending off their kids to schools. When asked if they were afraid of any bombarding again, they said, “Zindah rahay to Ghazi,mar gaye to Shaheed”.

 Lahoris are always ready to volunteer their lives for the beloved homeland. Moreover, they share each other’s sorrow and happiness together just like a family does. Lahoris themselves are people belonging to one big family who together make Lahore a city of love and harmony. That’s what makes us say, Lahore Lahore Hai.



4 thoughts on “Lahore Lahore Hai!”

  1. Being a Lahori myself for quite some years now – I can relate to all of that (-_-)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you have left Lahore to go abroad, I am sorry if you miss it now, you’ll be back soon I guess (for vacations at least).


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