Honor Killing

 They were already in pain

Depressed, anxious and desolate

They were already half broke

And you wrecked them once again

A woman being raped

Killed for the sake of the false honor of her family

Making no  mistake of her own

Physically being tortured and mauled

You killed the one you loved – they just died

Because their existence was against your pride

With ego, lies and a false pride inside

You eliminated someone’s life

Before judging others

Look within yourself first

Your none other than the one’s full of rage and disgust

Just breathe and let others breathe too

Be not the decider of one’s life

As the bad karma’s seeded

Just think for once again

The false honor of yours

Killed the one you loved – they just died

Because their existence was against your pride!



                        This poem “Honor-Killing” is dedicated to those individuals who are murdered in the name of honor. Honor-killing has been so mainstream now a days in some countries.  There is a Huge number of victims of honor who are  killed by their own relatives and family members. The sad part is that the criminals of this horrendous acts are released on the bases of their lame statement of “Izzat” they don’t really have.  



5 thoughts on “Honor Killing”

  1. It’s so crappy what our culture really calls honour killing – it’s just brutal barbarianism and murder … Such individuals including their family, parents, brothers, and everyone who supports the killing of such individuals (females almost entirely) should be tortured in the most brutal of ways.

    You know Dastak, I have not yet got into contact with them for some weird privacy logic, but they are working for the rehabilitation of such females who are deprived of basic human rights and are a victim of domestic abuse in some manner. If you read the stories, it’s so saddening every single one of them. 😔

    I hope Allah helps them all.

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