A land once was an illustration of beauty and peace

A slice of  heaven

Having appealing panorama known as a masterpiece

Its cool, refreshing breeze sharing ease

Nowadays, all the ravishes and comfort is ceased

Nations fighting against nations is what tranquillity’s  abbreviation?

Armies attacking,bombarding, destroying the clue of paradise

Persuading wars from 1965

Grimed the breeze of harmony

And the glory of that land never revived

                                 This hostility may bring the land to its dead end

But please be kind enough to agree

That the spirit of its people will always be alive

They may contrive or deprive the people from their rights

By setting up interrogations PAPA II like

Their actions are autonomously identified

They are the people of a land called Jammu and Kashmir

A land of my ancestors

Washing away with the blood of my brothers and sisters

Giving their lives away with fractional desire

Still raising slogans of independence in a state of fright

Kashmir! My beloved land

You’re rust less

Still with the same dignity and beauty

The purity showering with blood of it’s devotees

You’ll never lose your identity in my heart and that’s a promise

Because i have nothing to offer you

                         I have no shield to protect you with other than  words

                          Words that can empower the Muslim-hood

Words that can melt hearts

Words that can bring hope to you

 Because  If words can form a Millat between Muslims in early 90’s

Then surely, words can  change  the fate of my loved land, Kashmir!