Hermaphrodite - The Third Gender, Poems


Normality defines me as an eternal freak
I am Mona Lisa – a painting with a mystery
Devoting my life to seek humanity

I am you. I am me. I am both but somehow feel inferiority
They question me about my deep dark pheromones
This false world has been stabbing me since birth
As if I was born to live a sacrificial life
As if my existence was invisible to the mankind

I am a stone thrown on a road – kicked by many but never broke
I am a son and daughter but none for my parents
I put them to shame by my physical appearance
It could be u it could be any
To whom God gifts a son or a daughter or both.
So why the word that identifies me blemishes the world?

Then, now  and tomorrow
I am the world’s sorrow
I am a “how”
A never ending curse
A fact that is denied
That I am hermaphrodite!



                                  This poem “DENIED” is dedicated to the least counted community of any country who are cursed for existing. Even the term which is used to define them is considered a taboo that is, Intersex (The Third Gender). Elaborating the term “intersex” which means an individual with both the sexes (male and female) by some chromosomal errors during the development of the sex organs inside the fetus of mother’s womb. In short, we can say that there’s a biological disorder in them by the will of God.  I dedicate this poem whole heartedly to the Hermaphrodites; the pure ones, who are being accused and pathetically ragged. Their right to life is snatched from them the moment they are born and defined as a “Khawaja Sara”. Some are murdered and some are thrown out of their homes – on their own. People are unaware of this third gender and the violence against them. So, I wrote this poem with an intention of spreading awareness about the third gender and all the violence they’re been going through from then till now. I hope all my efforts and devotion to this poem accomplishes the goal I have aimed for this community of Intersex (The Third Gender).




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