A hope that revived…

​In those nights of darkness when you’re left with nothing but an empty soul. You realize that no one ever cared when you needed them the most. All that love and selflessness for them was worthless. Then, looking at the starless sky from the window beside your bed, a thought pops out that, why am I still here in this world not what it looks like?  An answer  somewhere from  inside  appears , To compromise and tolerate the treacherous acts of people and still pretend to be fine. I told myself that I can’t bear it anymore. Allah replies in the Qur’aan , “And we do not burden a soul more than it could bear. I say, “I have no one by my side”.  I thought that I had no one by my side. Allah replied, “I’m with the believers. I say that I‘m afraid that this frustration might lead me to the wrong path. Allah replies,Hold  on to your Imaan, this life is just a temporary illusion”. I say that I can no more suffer the  betrayals anymore. Allah replies, ” Seek help in salaah and sabr”. And all my questions were answered shortly. Suddenly, a hope revived!



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