The Three م’s of Urdu Literature – Introductory Aritcle

To gain regard, you have to face disregard first. Every subject has its own importance. Similarly, Urdu Literature has its three م's which completes the history of Urdu literature. There are numerous amazing writers in the Muslim history. However, these three م's of Urdu writing are remarkable, since they tied a long journey and never... Continue Reading →


Pak Crisis: The Arrival of Super Mullahs

Since a previous couple of days, a dissent has shaken the nation. It's been an undeniable irritation for its countrymen.  It's absurdly bewildering that how online networking posts can influence a nation's strategies and how a protest can roll out improvements in your day by day schedule. This one's for you, Super Mullahs. Shoutout to... Continue Reading →

Insane Crime

 It's weird, she hasn't called me since last Wednesday. It's deteriorating as I endeavor to drag days and evenings, aching to hear from her. No phone call, no email, nothing by any stretch of the imagination. I checked on her husband to let me know if anything is wrong. He says that Sarah is all... Continue Reading →

A Blood Shedding Freedom – TWB

  70 years, 7 decades and hundred of years of bondage.  A human instinct is involved insufficiencies. Yes, I’m insanely telling the intense truth. The feast served to us is never enough to fill the ravenous stomach. We look for greater plates to be served in. A man may pass on with this desire of... Continue Reading →

ISSRC: Something to be Noted!

ISSRC INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CONFERENCE Are you endeavoring hard to have any kind of betterment in the society? Do you need acknowledgment and reward for taking an interest for the betterment of the society? It's a gratifying moment for you. ISSRC is established to energize you! The basic brick that stands a nation is... Continue Reading →

Sohni Mahiwal

Can a passing trader fall in love? Fall as deeply as the depth of a river? Fall in love with the handmade pottery With the hands of his beloved Sohni  Walking down the road to the nearby pottery shop To buy some glimpses of her glowing face He spent all his wealth and lost his... Continue Reading →

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